Before we begin the design of your garment, we recommend having a consultation appointment at one of our showrooms. Our two showrooms are located in Barangaroo and Paddington. The consultation gives you a firsthand look into our Made-to-Measure process, and we take this time to get to know each other. The consultation is also a great chance to gauge budget and style preferences, the more we know about the design you are after, the better we can tailor it to you. Consultation appointments last about thirty minutes, and is a face to face meeting. During this time we require no payment nor do we expect to process an order. We simply wish to get to know you, and show you our product over a drink.  



The measure up is the first step in creating your new garment. This can take place after an initial consultation, or on a separate day altogether. During this appointment our design consultant will take your measurements and create a design and fit specifically for your taste and body type. The design and fit will be based on your previous conversations with our design consultant. We strive to produce only the best garments for our customers, and we spare no attention to detail during this process. We take 30 precise measurements, and have on display; suit samples, a carefully curated selection of cloth, and accessory detailing options. Every piece of the garment can be customised, from the interior lining to the external hand-finished stitching.



The fitting is the appointment we have together once your tailored garment has been made. Each garment is handmade with a floating canvass construction, and with your individual design specifications. The garment is made to fit your body, and during the fitting you will put on the garments we have made, while our tailor assesses the fit. We welcome your feedback regarding the fit and construction, and can provide further alterations to accomplish a fit that you are happy with.   


Each garment is handmade by our expert tailors and we require 3-5 weeks for completion. At any time during the production process, you are more than welcome to contact any of our staff for further enquiries relating to your order.