Understanding Made-to-Measure Cloth: Dormeuil

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Dormeuil stands today as the most successful family-run fabric mill, with a constant search for the rare and luxurious. Dormeuil explores breeding farms to select the most precious fibres and produce exceptional fabrics.

In every part of the world you can find Dormeuil factories working with the finest raw materials to create their cloth. Australia produces the finest Merino wool, in South Africa the finest Mohair can be found, then to Egypt for it's cotton and Mongolia for cashmere; in all these locations Dormeuil is on the ground working in direct contact with producers of these luxurious natural fibres. 

In 2016 Dormeuil discovered a new fibre in Kyrgyzstan, named Taewit Wool, experts in the field describe this wool fibre to be as fine as the most beautiful cashmeres, as soft as pashmina, and as smooth as silk. Be sure to keep an eye out, and ask for the Kyrgyz collection in store; only 4 fabrics of this collection are selected in our store each year and are not available online.


Made in England


The area surrounding Leeds in the United Kingdom, where Dormeuil’s fabric manufacturing premises are located, is the birthplace of the international textile industry. It was here, amongst the lush green valleys irrigated by Pennine water with its unique properties, that the best worsted weavers and the leading experts in fabric finishing set up in business more than a century ago.

Dominic Dormeuil, the current chairman and CEO of Dormeuil and fifth-generation grandson of founder Jules Dormeuil, recognises England in its location as a significant reason for the cloths supreme feel and wear. There is nothing random about the factories location and the artisans who work there, the perfect combination of climate, resources and expertise knowledge come together.


Australian Merino Wool


The selection of Dormeuil fabric found in BELANCĒ are constituted predominantly with Australian Merino wool, most cloths are pure in this wool composition whilst others use a blend of wool-cashmere, or wool-silk. It is safe to say that the best cloth used in the business is derived from Australian Merino wool, and Dormeuil are proud to use this natural fibre as their bread and butter.


The Merino sheep requires constant care and particular kinds of pasture, far removed from any form of pollution, and these are found primarily in southern Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Merinos involve more work than any other breed, requiring unswerving passion and devotion to the task from the breeder. Their toil is not always appropriately valued by the market, but as lovers of fine wool, they reap their reward at each shearing, when the fleeces reach the desired fineness.

The Dormeuil Collection


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The Amadeus Range


Made of pure and extrafine Merino wool, the Amadeus range from Dormeuil give oustanding performance and a great handle due to the secret finishing processes implemented during manufacture. The Amadeus range is made in traditional mills located in England; incorporating the finest natural fibres and expert manufacturing processes, passed down through generations.

These qualities have won Amadeus a special place in the panoply of top tailoring houses and clothing manufacturers the world over, it is a brand in its own right, at the same time easy to work and with great strength.


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The Iconik Range


The Iconik collections nano finish works in the same way as the lotus blossom in nature, harnessing the leaf's long-recognised water repellent properties where the structure means that liquid simply rolls off the ultra-smooth surface.


The collection is woven in England with a little stretch for comfort and a modern matte finish. Iconik is stain resistant, water repellent, lightweight, fine, and can be worn in all weathers.


It is truly a contemporary suiting for the modern traveller who is looking for the latest designs and plains.


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The Exel Blue Range


Exel Blue is the latest addition to Dormeuil's best-selling unique stretch Exel luxury fabric range. The pure wool fabric was designed to exploit advanced comfort technology and optimise performance.


Its superb performance qualities come from the expert sourcing of 17.5 micron pure wool which has natural elasticity enhanced by advanced manufacturing techniques.


The fabric can spring back into shape without the need for synthetics, no matter how long it has been worn.